Bicycle tire test 2021-2022: TCS-ÖAMTC reveals which tires are the best choice to use in the winter - top 10 products compared

Bicycle tire test reveals which bicycle tyres are the best choice to use in winter: 10 products are compared in the extensive TCS-ÖAMTC comparison test. Special tires have advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to choose them depending on the area of ​​application.

Winter tires for bicycles: what they can do and whether it is worth buying - top 10 products compared

In November 2021, the ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club) published their most recent test of winter tyres for bicycles and electric bikes. The test was extremely thorough and the tyres' braking ability was tested on both snow, ice and on asphalt. 

Tets included winter tires with studs (reTyre, Schwalbe, Continental, Kenda), winter tyres without studs (Veloplus, Michelin and Nokian) and a regular, "summer" tyre - Schwalbe's most popular Marathon, as a reference for comparison. 

While the tyres were compared and graded, the conclusion is that special tires have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to choose them depending on the area of ​​application.

OAEMTC bicycle winter tire test - comparison Schwalbe, reTyre, Michelin, Kenda, Continental


reTyre - best performing winter bicycle tyre in all categories!

While the extensive test was focusing on rigorous testing and fair depiction of the advantages and disadvantages of different tyre models on different surfaces, rather than comparing and picking winners, reTyre is the only one to achieve the 3 highest scores of all the participants in the test, being the only one with a "VERY GOOD" grade in all 3 tested categories.

German winter bicycle tire test - compare Schwalbe, reTyre, Michelin, Kenda, Continental

As the test states - A special case is the "Winter Traveler Skin" from Retyre from Scandinavia: "The modular system has a basic tire with a smooth road profile, over which a strongly profiled studded tire can be attached using a zipper system, similar to a snow chain on a car tire", explained Kerbl. The tire thus achieves a good result on all surfaces, provided that it is flexibly adjusted. Read more on Why you should choose reTyre for your e-bike.

Check the full video test below (German only).


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